Colon toxicity and bowel stasis can be the underlying cause of many commonly reported health problems. Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle internal bath which allows warm, filtered water into the colon resulting in a gentle flushing of the colon, and a loosening of old faecal debris. Colonics can improve energy levels, improve skin conditions, help you feel lighter and cleaner, kick-start a healthier life style, kick-start a slimming programme, alleviate IBS symptoms, improve poor elimination and laxative dependency, improve digestion and eliminate bloating and flatulence.

These conditions are contraindicated to treatment:

Recent surgery to rectum/bowel/abdomen
Blood Pressure above 160/100
Heart disease
Liver/gall bladder disease
Kidney disease
Severe haemorrhoids
Cancer of rectum/bowel/liver/kidney
Abdominal hernia
Bowel perforation
Long-term oral steroid use

Food Intolerance Testing

Many of us are suffering with food intolerances, causing symptoms such as Bloating, IBS, Digestive Problems, Migraines, Headaches, Joint Pain, Itchy Skin, Eczema, Fatigue, Low Mood. This simple finger prick test can test over 200 different foods common in the Western diet.
Here is Lynne’s story:

“Diagnosed at age 10 with Coeliac Disease following problems with lethargy, recurrent ear and throat infections, migraines, mouth ulcers and reactive skin, extremely oily hair, and once had paralysis of my legs where I was admitted to hospital but they couldn’t find out why. I followed a strict gluten free diet and things improved for me but still had some issues.

Further symptoms persisted throughout my teenage years and into adulthood; Thyroid issues, Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Tinnitus which resulted in frequent burst eardrums led to myringoplasty surgery in my 20’s to repair years of damage. I have also had my inner nose cauterised due to frequent nose bleeds from childhood.

Despite following a strict Gluten Free diet, I was still experiencing majority of symptoms into my 30’s along with extreme fatigue, bloating, abdominal pain and diarrhoea. I suspected dairy and visited by GP to discuss my concerns. Due to the cost implications involved for the NHS to test for allergies/intolerances, a test was not essential and the advice given was to omit such foods from my diet.

Not satisfied, I discussed my symptoms with Kerry from Purity and carried out a simple finger prick test for food intolerances. Results returned promptly confirming I was indeed intolerant to cows milk, eggs and yeast. I began omitting these items from my diet and monitored my progress over the weeks ahead.

The first few weeks I felt extremely fatigued and discussed this with Kerry. She advised my body could be detoxing and to bear with the experiment. I had also just returned to work following months of absence due to the Covid-19 pandemic so was difficult to pinpoint which was at fault.

I had substituted milk for oat milk, completely omitted eggs but was still consuming the odd gluten free product, such as bread and biscuits which contained both milk and yeast.

By week 3, I made a conscious effort to completely omit milk and yeast from my diet was feeling more energised and much less bloated.

As the weeks have gone on, I have continued to eliminate dairy, yeast and egg products completely from my diet and continue to reap the benefits. Symptoms have reduced significantly and I have a much better quality of life and positive outlook. I have lost 11lbs to date, just with eliminating these food intolerances, and now being able to fit in to clothes I haven’t been able to wear for a long time due to being bloated and carrying excess fluid.”

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