Here at Purity, we have the best in clinical and results-driven skincare.  This means our skin care actually works to change, heal and improve your skin.  We can help to transform your skin whether you have oily skin, problem-prone, sun damage, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, scarring, sensitivity, Rosacea, dryness etc.

NEW CBD Skincare

The hottest buzz in the spa world is the benefits of infused CBD skin care products. CBD skincare is non-psychoactive and is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing.

How does CBD work?

The CBD receptors (known as CB2) are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is the physiological system that helps the homeostatic functions within the central nervous system. This includes maintenance of bodily functions, pain, inflammation, and the immune system.

CB2 receptors are found in nerve and immune cells in just about every organ. CBD binds to CB2 receptors as well as TRPV1 receptors. Damaged tissues sensitise TRPV1 to its chemical and physical stimuli. Adding massage further benefits the stimulation of TRPV1 activity and has a positive influence on the CB2 receptors, which helps alleviate inflammation and pain.

What does CBD do for the skin?

CBD is an anti-inflammatory foundation for healthy skin, focusing on cell renewal regulation of moisture balance, antioxidant properties to strengthen and activate the immune system along with fighting the signs of ageing.

PRIORI® Adaptive Skincare
Formulated with a clear understanding of skin biology and the changes influenced by physical well-being; environment and daily variables, all PRIORI® products feature multi-layered ingredient technology that provides the perfect balance between essential skin nutrients and advanced actives.
This science-based approach enables skin to pull exactly what it needs, exactly when it needs it so that clients receive the maximum benefits resulting in their ideal skin. All supported by an adaptive treatment portfolio of peels.

Medik8 is an award-winning UK based skincare company which focuses on specific skincare problems, targeting skin ageing, acne, redness, hyper-pigmentation and dryness.  We use Medik8 to support the Skinrölla treatment and as homecare.

We also offer Microdermabrasion, Medical Skin Needling, CACI Non-Surgical Treatments and the new LightFusion treatment.  Please download our pricelist to find out more.  If you have a particular concern with your skin, do not hesitate to book a consultation, we can devise a tailor-made skincare treatment plan with homecare, suited to you.