Holistic therapies aim to treat the person as a whole rather than just a symptom on its own.  These are great therapies to combat stress and tension, regulate energy levels, balance hormones and generally help your emotional and physical well being.

We offer these holistic treatments:


The hottest buzz in the spa world is the benefits of infused CBD products and massages. CBD is non-psychoactive and anti-inflammatory. Massage oils infused with CBD, are very therapeutic for the mind and the body. We offer a full body bespoke massage, also using body reflexology points with our CBD Soothing Balm to bring balance to the endocannabinoid system and bring about homeostasis. From what our clients say, a CBD massage can help get a good nights sleep, feel much more relaxed and refreshed and feel less pain.

What role does CBD play in a massage?

The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD reduces inflammation within muscles and joints, allowing us to work more effectively. People seek massages to relax and escape stress. For anyone who does any sort of sport, CBD has been linked to accelerating the recovery and healing process of injured connective tissue.

How does CBD work?

The CBD receptors (known as CB2) are part of the endocannabinoid system, which is the physiological system that helps the homeostatic functions within the central nervous system. This includes maintenance of bodily functions, pain, inflammation, and the immune system.

CB2 receptors are found in nerve and immune cells in just about every organ. CBD binds to CB2 receptors as well as TRPV1 receptors. Damaged tissues sensitise TRPV1 to its chemical and physical stimuli. Adding massage further benefits the stimulation of TRPV1 activity and has a positive influence on the CB2 receptors, which helps alleviate inflammation and pain.

Maternity Reflexology

Reflexology for maternity aims to optimise the health and wellbeing of the clients; using reflexology techniques designed for different stages and also giving general lifestyle advice that can be given to make this journey as pleasurable as possible for all. This is suitable for any stage from conception to post natal, helping you cope with the different symptoms and conditions associated with pregnancy. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage using high quality massage oils, using organic essential oils and carrier oils where we can.

Reflexology, a really grounding and total body maintenance treatment, really beneficial for aches and pains and balancing various body systems.

Priadara Thai-Style Massage uses heated herbal compresses filled with a variety of Thai herbs and spices.  This is a very cleansing, uplifting, yet relaxing treatment.

Hopi Ear Candling is used to clear ears and sinuses but is a very spiritually cleansing treatment too.  We include a sinus drainage massage within the treatment which enhances the benefits of the candling.

If you have ailments which you would like to help treat naturally, we can offer packages to suit you, either as a course of treatments or a mixture of holistic treatments as a package.  Just ask to book a consultation.

“A deeply grounding and balancing treatment aiding in relieving aches & pains”