Holistic therapies aim to treat the person as a whole rather than just a symptom on its own.  These are great therapies to combat stress and tension, regulate energy levels, balance hormones and generally help your emotional and physical well being.

We offer these holistic treatments:

Aromatherapy and Hot Stone Massage using high quality massage oils, using organic essential oils and carrier oils where we can.

Reflexology, a really grounding and total body maintenance treatment, really beneficial for aches and pains and balancing various body systems.

Priadara Thai-Style Massage uses heated herbal compresses filled with a variety of Thai herbs and spices.  This is a very cleansing, uplifting, yet relaxing treatment.

Hopi Ear Candling is used to clear ears and sinuses but is a very spiritually cleansing treatment too.  We include a sinus drainage massage within the treatment which enhances the benefits of the candling.

If you have ailments which you would like to help treat naturally, we can offer packages to suit you, either as a course of treatments or a mixture of holistic treatments as a package.  Just ask to book a consultation.

“A deeply grounding and balancing treatment aiding in relieving aches & pains”